F. R. Leavis and Pedagogy: the ‘Critical Exchange’

TitleF. R. Leavis and Pedagogy: the ‘Critical Exchange’
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsCranfield, S
DescriptionPaper delivered to the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain
Date delivered26 October, 2016
Type of WorkPaper

Seldom can a ‘philosophy’ of pedagogy have been encapsulated in so few and such simple words as: ‘This is so, isn’t it?’, ‘Yes, but—.’ The schematic conception of the critical judgment or exchange, as expressed in this dialogic paradigm by the English educator and critic F. R. Leavis (1895-1978), has proved remarkably fertile as an idea. It has also prompted criticisms that it is theoretically ungrounded and unrealisable. This presentation will take a sustained look at the heart of Leavisian critical practice and explore its relevance to contemporary higher education.